Welcome to Youth Services

CEDA’s Youth Services are Ofsted registered and provide fun, learning and social opportunities for disabled and disadvantaged children and young people aged 5 – 21. We listen to the children’s needs and wishes, making sure we plan lots of different activities both at the Clare Milne Centre and in the community. Our staff team work hard organising trips and experiences that are challenging, fun and exciting, making sure everyone is safe, happy and able to make friends. We organise fun trips out and about which include the beach, swimming, forests, farms, play parks and theatres. We also provide activities in our well-equipped building which include cooking, sensory experiences, building fires and art-based activities.  Activities are optional and there is always the option for free-play using the toys and equipment at CEDA.  We also have a sports and activities leader who facilitates inclusive sports and promotes healthy living.

CEDA wish to help families and carers in crisis to access our services free of charge when they have an emergency or no alternative means of payment.  Funds will be limited but we designate 2% of unrestricted and undesignated reserves each year, which will be clearly identified in our annual report.  Spaces will only be made available if funds are available; the criteria set out in our policy have been met; the setting has space to accommodate the request and the setting is able to provide the correct staffing level to meet the person’s needs. For more information please see our policy below.