Developing Me

CEDA has a qualified person centred plan facilitator who can help people to make a plan to change things in their lives. 

Person Centered Planning is about putting the person firmly in control of their life.  It is not a new type of care plan - this is a plan about a person’s WHOLE life, including things like;

  • Where they live and how they want their home to be
  • How they want to be supported and by whom
  • Their background—the story of their life so far
  • What dreams and aspirations they have for the future 
  • Who they want in their life and how these people can work together to help them achieve things in their plan

The plan will be entirely about the person, and will be made in a way that makes sense to them. The facilitator will work with each person and whoever else they chose to involve.  Creating the plan is just the beginning - she can also offer support to make sure the things in the plan really happen!


Community Involvement

Are you interested in volunteering or becoming more involved in your local community?  We can support you to make contact with groups or organisations and support you in your volunteering placements.