CEDA Artist Network

The CEDA Artist Network is a group of artists all of whom are either disabled themselves or have have great experience enabling and supporting disabled people in creative activities. CEDA supports artists in all art forms and being a part of a network can help with personal and professional development.


From time to time we like to highlight the work created by different members of our network. This month we are focusing on Amanda Lynch.


Amanda Lynch, UK (b.) 1990, graduated in Fine Art (BA) 2013 at De Montfort University, and graduated in Arts (MA) 2016 at De Montfort University.

Lynch works with mixed media, from sculptural forms to 2d works. Lynch’s work explores social engagement and practice, within community-based projects. Lynch’s work is held in international and national private collections, as well as CloseLTD gallery collection. Lynch has exhibited throughout the UK, and abroad, exhibiting in Canada as part of the Gushul residency (Alberta) 2016, Somerset Arts Festival 2019. Group shows include Yeovil Creatives (Somerset) 2019, Nou Wave I (London) 2019, Art Outdoors (Somerset) 2020, Post Ray Johnson (London) 2020, Mass Shooter (Netherlands) 2020, Lawrence and Clark (USA) 2020, Bad Trash (London) 2020. Residencies include, Gushul artist in residence (Canada) 2016, CEDA artist in residence (UK) 2020.

Lynch has had press features and interviews with Somerset art works, BBC Somerset Radio interviews (2019), ITV feature (Somerset) 2019. Lynch is currently living and working in Somerset. UK

Artists who are a part of the CEDA Arts Artist Network

Artist Name Primary Art Form Web Link
Mark Ware Photography www.markware.com
Sue Austin Digital  
Ros Hammond Textile  
Amanda Lynch Mixed Media  
Rebekah Horton Creative Writing  
Georgina Woollacott Sculpture  
Zoe Barlow Textile  
Gemma Edgecombe Sound  
Rowan Ford Sound  
James Lake Sculpture  
Fiona Lovell Printmaking  
Conor Magee Actor  
Emily Parr Ceramicist  
Daniel Cosgrove Musician  
Mary May Mixed Media  
Teresa Pardoe Mixed Media  
Daisy Higman Sound  

If you are interested in knowing more about the CEDA Arts Artist Network please contact us.