Short Breaks

CEDA can support each person to go to destinations of their choice, it could be to visit friends or family, to explore new places, go on an adventure.... the choice is endless and it’s up to them.

Each person chooses where they want to go and what they want to do.  We will help to plan each break, find accommodation that’s suitable for their needs and help to organise activities.

 The person in control!

 Some of the short breaks we have organised for people so far include;

· A weekend in London, visiting all the sights

· A week at the Calvert Trust activity centre on Exmoor

· A 12 day holiday in Aberdeenshire, Scotland

· A week’s holiday with a friend at Butlins 

· Several weekends away visiting family and friends in Hertfordshire

· Supporting a young person on a two week summer activity break