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What Could You Go Free From?

02/01/18 3:46pm by craig

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Free From February is the 28-day ‘give it up' challenge from CEDA who in 2018 are celebrating their 30th anniversary. Going free from one of your biggest vices is based on research that if you can stop doing something for 28-days, you are five times more likely to be able to cut it out or reduce it for good. CEDA is inviting people to go ‘free from’ whatever they choose and get sponsored for doing so. 
CEDA Marketing Manager Craig Bowden said “Free From February gives people the opportunity to challenge themselves to give up something they will find difficult…. It could be Chocolate, Alcohol, Social Media or even watching their favourite TV show, absolutely anything”. “We have Stoptober and Dry January but something like Free From February gives the individual control on what they choose to give up for the month”. 
Free From February runs from 1 to 28 February. This is the first year of the challenge that is hoped to grow year on year with supporters raising funds for the disability charity.
You can make your pledge to go ‘Free From’ now by visiting www.freefromfebruary.co.uk or request a paper pledge pack by emailing freefrom@cedaonline.org.uk
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