Early Help Family Support

Who for?

For parents, carers, who are supporting children/young people with distressed or unsafe behaviour and have been referred through Devon Children and Families Partnership, Early Help.


Improve Health and Wellbeing To help parents, carers take a moment to press pause. Help them describe, validate and reflect on their experiences supporting distressed, unsafe behaviour. To help them move away from ‘Crisis Mindset’. This can be characterised as…

• Feeling frantic and/or desperate

• Operating in a day-to-day survival mode

• Feeling like you must try everything

• Only able to focus on the short-term 

Additional Outcomes

The parents and family will be asked to focus on one of the following outcomes to work towards

• Being Safe: Parents will be guided on how to de-escalate and support ‘meltdowns’.

• Increased Confidence & Self Esteem: Parents will learn how to create conditions that help them feel more connected with their child.

• Education: Parents will develop further understanding in their child’s diagnosis or traits.

Parents will be signposted towards modern emotional regulation supports for neurodivergent learners. • Communication & Interaction: Parents will discover optimal communication supports for their child