Behaviour Support Consultations

Who for?

Families supporting any young person with distressed or unsafe behaviour and Neurodiverse traits such as Autism and ADHD. Who attends is established on a case by case basis. Support is person centred and flexible around the needs of the family and can include long term 1 to 1 support with the child/young person. Families can self refer or may be directed through children’s services.


To be bespoke! Wherever possible Bis-net hope to create conditions where parents and young people can feel safe, in control and able to set their own outcomes. Bis-net recognise that the pathway to regulation comes through improving an individuals self-awareness and in turn help them to create a roadmap of support. The support intends to make a significant difference to participants

Health & Wellbeing

Being Safe

Confidence & Self Esteem


Communication & Interaction  

There is no one size fits all. Bis-net are adopting modern regulation supports and approaches for neurodivergent learners and the families around them.

These include some of the following: Relational, Low Demand, Trauma Informed, Co-regulation, Declarative language, informing and building understanding around Interoception and Alexithymia and Cognitive processing differences. We hope these approaches empower parents to recognise they are the experts in their children’s lives and become great advocates for them. We hope young people can become great advocates for themselves.