CEDA Outlook is our current funding Arts programme by Arts Council England. On this page we highlight some of the key projects and opportunities being delivered as part of this project.

Sounds from Home

For Amanda Lynch’s current project with CEDA, she is creating collages in response to the disembodied sounds she hears from her lockdown garden. If you would like to be part of the project, please send your own collage inspired by the sounds from your home and garden during lockdown.

Amanda said:

“My place of residence has a garden but I cannot see over the wall, the only physical things I can see are the surrounding flat block, my garden and the top half of the houses built on the other side of the wall accompanied with a distant collection of trees. This has given me the chance to just listen, listen to the things I can’t see, listen for sounds I can recognise, and yet sometimes are not quite sure if what I hear is what I think it is. My online response to Covid-19 is to listen. I believe many people are unable to get out in our current climate and see the everyday but we may be able to hear some these everyday things.”

The collages can be created on paper or digitally, and will be included in an online exhibition and shared via Instagram.

If you are unable to make a collage, you can send recordings of the sounds you hear or a written list of sounds for Amanda to respond to.

Postal submissions should be no bigger than A4 to keep the size consistent within the exhibition.

Please include, your name, sounds, date, time and any social media links where possible.

To follow updates of the work please follow the hashtag #soundsfromhome on Instagram on Ceda Online and Amanda Lynch Art

Amanda Lynch contact information: · Email: Amandalynchart@gmail.com

· Instagram: @AmandaLynchArt

· Facebook: @AmandaLynchart

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