Behaviour Support Consultations

When a family, parent or carer is struggling to find ways to best support an individual exhibiting challenging or aggressive behaviours in the home, they may need something more than respite or enabling to make day to day life more enjoyable, safe and productive for all. They may need to be presented a variety of strategies and ideas to approach and manage the behaviours when they occur, using their own knowledge of the individual to implement and try them out in ways that are more likely to engage that person. BIS-net looks to guide, suggest, support and steer families towards making changes.


Behaviour support consultation offers an ongoing piece of work delivered in a way that is built around and bespoke to the family or group requesting it, the individual they are supporting and the situation at the time. We look at several stages, usually spread over a 6 week period, although this can be adjusted depending on the need and how quickly behaviour starts to reduce or change. The course is delivered by one of our BIS-net family consultants who will have training in Positive Behaviour Support approaches, Narrative therapy approaches and specific training in conditions where challenging behaviour can be a risk factor such as Autism, ADHD and Learning disability. Funding can sought from the local authority and parents can use direct payments DLA to access support, or can choose to self-fund if able.


The cost of a 6 session package is currently £280 which includes one free cancellation and is charged monthly depending on how many sessions have been accessed. Sessions can be spread out to spread out the monthly cost. To place you name on our waiting list please contact us direct: 01392 813029