BisNet Behaviour Aware Accreditation

Parents have repeatedly told us of their difficulties accessing facilities across Devon when a member of their family has a hidden impairment such as ASD or ADHD. Based on real experience, we’ve gathered together ideas and strategies that would make the expedition to anywhere in the glorious county of Devon less likely to be an adverse experience, and more like to be successful and enjoyable.

Both parents and their sons and daughters have money to spend. A welcoming and comfortable experience makes it almost certain that they will return to the store, restaurant, or other facility, not least because people on the autistic spectrum often find change difficult, and feel more comfortable in places they are familiar with.

Meeting the needs of these customers is a win-win strategy – businesses can increase their profits by attracting these customers to come back to their store, restaurant or service again and again.

CEDA Bis-Net can come into your organisation and support you with help and advice on how to make your business more ‘Behaviour Aware’. We can then provide you with a certificate and window sticker to show potential new customers you have given consideration to the needs of others.