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CEDA celebrates Arts Project

02/05/17 8:51am by craig

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CEDA is celebrating artistic achievements with a tea party – and all the cups and saucers have been created as part of the Total Immersion arts project.

Ceramic artist Emily Parr has been working with CEDA members to create cups, saucers, plates and other ceramic objects as part of the two-year multi-media arts project funded by Arts Council England. Working with more than ten artists over two years, Total Immersion is using sound, space and touch to create immersive sensory experiences for CEDA’s members and other disabled people.

Craig Bowden, CEDA’s Activity Manager said: “Our Total Immersion project focusses on the sensory experience for the artists and the audience. We wanted to make ceramics because it’s a very tactile process. We’ve been really enjoying creating cups, saucers, pots and all sorts of ceramics and it’s been a fantastic opportunity to learn from an experienced ceramicist. “

Emily Parr said:“I’ve had a wonderful time working with CEDA. The people who’ve taken part in the workshops have shown immense creativity and I’ve felt that we’ve all benefited from the experience of working together. It’s amazing how the simple act of working with clay can bring so much joy to the room. Members of the group have blown me away with the skills they’ve learnt, and for me the whole process has been phenomenal – it’s made me re-think my own ways of working. It’s enriched us all.”

As well as the celebratory tea party, there is an exhibiton of artwork created during the first year of the project.

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